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The adventures of Dakotah Jones by TrueRageXRT The adventures of Dakotah Jones by TrueRageXRT
Dakotah Lin Jones

Art by :icondead-kittens3:
Dakotah Lin Jones (c) TrueRageXRT

Dakotah's father was a member of the ex knight order Crimson Eagles. Having gained many enemies they all gathered their forces and crushed the Eagles. The surviving members fled and lived in secret, choosing to pass on the abilities of the knights Dakotah's father trained her from a young age.

Under her father's guidance she was able to hone her skills to extreme lethality. What she didn't learn from her father was his humility, in contrast to the humble knight his daughter was boastful, always a braggart of her skills to any she was near. She also took to enjoying strong refreshments.

Dakotah was always testing her ability, to prove her strength. In her young teens she would sneak out and hunt down bandits, monsters and beasts. Occasionally coming home a bit beat up she was always victorious and gained some fame before she was sixteen. By the time she was eighteen she was nearly a legend already.

Regardless of his daughter's faults, not that she was of age he could not deny her skill or her right to make her own future. Opening a chest he had not touched for over a decade he removed a scimitar of a copper color with bronze inlays and black blade. The last artifact from the Crimson Eagles that was saved, he presented it to his daughter. She hefted the blade and could feel a tingle run up her arm, as the cold shiver hit her spine she almost dropped the weapon but before it could slip from her hand she tightened her grip once more. Holding her old sword with her other hand she struck the blades against each other and the old blade was cut in two.

Armed with the ancient weapon Dakotah set out to her own adventures. Travelling town to town she searched for villains to conquer checking all the inns and taverns for rumors and gossip of anything that could be a menace to the people. With a strong lead she would track down her target and take them out, returning in flamboyance and glory. After making sure to get all the recognition and reward she would head off to find the next.

Years later she was deep in Hrothgar, tracking tales of a murderous Azura demon that had been marking his trail with bodies. Arriving at a mountain town she went through her normal procedure, locating the local watering hole to gather info over a few pints of ale. While she was taking a break from her interview of information sources an older man approached her. He tried to warn her about the demon, telling her not to chase after it foolishly but she ignored him, telling him that someone too old to fight had no business telling what to do. He left her knowing that she would not heed his warning.

The next morning Dakotah headed out on the leads she had heard, travelling a treacherous path to an area where a two people had been attacked. One was able to get away and say what happened, but the other never returned. Searching around the area she came up to a small cabin, seeing the chimney was in use she knocked on the door.

Dakotah could hear movement inside and after a minute the dried wooden door creaked open a few inches. A gruff man's face appeared in the opening, he drew off a large cigar in his mouth and blew the smoke at Dakotah. He asked what she wanted as she fanned the smoke from her eyes and nose. Dakotah told how she was tracking a murderous demon, asking if he happened to see anything of the attack from the day before. Opening the door further he avowed he knew nothing shifting the large warm hat on his head.

Disappointed that she had come to a dead end she was about to go when the man offered to let her come in and warm up noting her skimpy outfit under just a heavy cloak. Dakotah accepted needing time to rethink her search walking through the entry. Catching the scent of blood she was about to reach for her sword until she saw a fresh deer on the butcher block. It was then her gaze moved to the fire pit where a leg was roasting. It was hard to tell what the leg was from with the blackened skin. The shape of it didn't seem to belong to any animal and she froze in horror as she saw the five toed foot on the end.

Dakotah reached for her sword ducking at the last moment as an axe cut over her head with a whoosh. Throwing off her cloak she swung her sword hitting the axe's next swing. The mighty sword cut partly into the axe causing it to blow apart, spraying shards all over. Dropping the handle of his now useless weapon he threw a punch which Dakotah rolled under. Striking once more she countered with her blade cutting off the left arm. Ignoring his missing appendage the right fist hit Dakotah in the stomach and launched her back. The door broken off the hinges under the blow and Dakotah's body rolled over the snow. She was able regain her stance as her foe emerged from the cabin. He smiled as she raised her weapon, letting loose a deep laugh. She cursed at him asking how he could laugh when he was missing an arm. He gestured at his stump and asked is that was what she meant. Before she was able to reply a clawed hand burst from the cut flesh, which was just the start to the transformation his body began. Growing several times taller than Dakotah the skin turned thick and grey like that of a rhino, a large jaw with heavy under bite was spread into a grin.

In his full demon form the Azura was a hulking monstrosity, staring at Dakotah with black eyes. Not letting fear take hold Dakotah lunged forward and swung her sword. The demon blocked with a huge tusk that burst from his forearm. Her blade cut almost half way through before it stopped, the massive hand's back swing hit Dakotah in the chest and sent her twenty feet into the air where she struck a tree trunk before falling back to the snowy ground.

She was winded but still got back to her feet blade in hand. Barely dodging a grasping hand she rolled between the stubby legs and slashed a gouge in the demons back. She avoided a retaliatory swing as the demon roared. She parried a thrust causing the tusk to slide against her left thigh armor. Sparks flew and the sharp edge cut through the steel plate into her flesh. Crying out she could not move her leg out of the way as the hand clasped her leg raising her into the air. She tried to cut the arm that held her but the other hand clamped over hers. With a firm grip the demon began to pull Dakotah's limbs causing her joints to pop and tendons to stretch. As the weakest link she could feel her elbow begin to let loose as the skin began to tear a little when the demon suddenly dropped her.

Dakotah shrieked as she landed on her torn arm, but her adrenaline was pumping and she pushed passed the pain and checked her enemy. The demon was no longer facing her, snarling at an armors figure that stood before it. The demon prepared to strike, Dakotah tried to call out a warning but it was not needed. The newcomer held a shield, a red eagle embedded in its surface began to glow. The demon's thrust hit the shield and a blast of fiery power surrounded the armored figure in a protective barrier. The back wave blew the demon off his feet leveling the cabin.

Not enough to finish the fearsome foe it removed itself from the wreckage and charged his new prey. The shield's emblem lit up once more but instead of waiting for the strike a flaming eagle launched forward and hit the demon in the chest. A huge explosion knocked it back once more, shrouding it's body in smoke.

As the plumes subsided the demon stood once more. Though it's breathing was ragged part of its chest had been split open. Splintered ribs revealed struggling lungs and intestines spilled from deep gouges in its belly. Holding its wounds Dakotah could see they were already beginning to seal up. Approaching the warrior once more she could see the shield begin to light up again but before it was fully charged the warrior dropped to one knee struggling to hold the shield up. Dakotah could hear his exhausted breathing as the demon towered over. The demon laughed as it raised its fists preparing to turn his target to pulp. Dakotah could see the back of the demon's neck exposed in its current position. She quickly looked to her sword and thought to grab it with her right arm but it sagged broken and useless at her side. Quickly using her left instead she gripped her weapon and rushed the demon. Ignoring the damage to her leg she forces herself to leap up, stepping off the demon's backside to get enough height to sink her blade into the demon's neck.

Planted firmly she could not make a second strike as the demon reared up in pain unable to reach his own back. using the last of her strength Dakotah pulled herself up and stomped the back of the blade with both feet pushing it deeper. With the last inch it cut all of the demon's movements stopped and it collapsed to the ground. Dakotah fell with it landing on its back, she coughed as blood leaked from her mouth and other extremities. Her breathing was shallow and the cold was creeping in as she saw the armored person get up and walk to her, she saw a hand reach for her as her vision faded into darkness.

Dakotah awoke in a small room, she looked around at the simple decor. Laid in a bed she tried to move but her body would not obey her, the covers were soft and warm so she did not mind being unable to move that much. She studied the surroundings for a while longer before a young man no more than seventeen or eighteen walked in. He held a wash tub and fresh bandages under his arm he was at the edge of the bed before he noticed she as awake and staring at him. He nearly dropped his load in fright before apologizing timidly. Dakotah tried to demand where she was but all she could manage was a soft plea for her location. Introducing himself as Bruno he said it was his father's house and that she was brought in near death. Bruno admitted that he cared for her and knew some healing magic's and skills. He apologized further admitting he had to remove her clothes. Dakotah cared little for these details and asked who his father was.

Bruno began to tell how his father used to be a knight before his life in the mountains raising him, adding how his father tried to teach him to fight but wasn't that good. Dakotah lacked the strength to keep him on track letting him ramble on as he cleaned her wounds and replaced the bandages. She slipped back into slumber before he was finished.

When she awoke again she felt much better, she was able to move some and despite the discomfort shifted to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She flexed her right arm, somehow the damage to her elbow was repaired and besides some stiffness it was fully mobile. Dakotah stood up, her hips and knees creaked but she remained upright. Shuffling along she reached the door, she opened it and went to the room beyond. Two people were sitting at a table eating, hearing her they both turned their heads. Bruno got up and fretted over her leaving bed with her wounds.

Dismissing the young man she got a closer look at the other. She recognized him right away, he was the man who tried to warn her at the Inn. He looked her over sizing her up, before standing to meet her. With the effort he used and the expression on his face she could tell he may be in as much pain as she was. She offered her hand which he accepted, shaking briefly before they exchanged names. Grunther Stahl gave his first. Dakotah was second and as soon as she mentioned her last name Grunther's eyes perked up in interest. He repeated the name of Jones and said how he used to know a knight by that name. Dakotah said her father was a knight and gave his full name, Grunther smiled before slowly making his way to a cabinet and pulling a shield from it. It was the same shield as the armored man who fought the demon with her. Looking once more at the emblem she finally recognized it.

Dakotah asked if he was a Crimson Eagle as well and Grunther nodded. After discussing her father for a while Grunther complimented Dakotah saying she was a fine prodigy. Dakotah like the acknowledgement but admitted her situation would have been grim if he had not helped her. Grunther said he was happy to have been in one last fight but admitted his body could no longer keep up. Having further discussions through the night Dakotah stayed and recovered with the Stahls.

Dakotah was almost fully recovered and was already training to make up for what her muscles had forgotten after resting for so long. During her practice she was approached by Grunther, he reminisced about the moves she learned from her father but pointed out where she was lacking from the fight with the demon. He talked about how he wished he could make Bruno as fine a warrior but admitted he was not a suitable teacher for him. He proposed an offer that if she take Bruno on her journeys, keeping him safe while she trained him he would give her the secrets to some techniques that would aid her greatly. He also pointed out that his healing and blacksmithing skills could be handy for her.

Dakotah didn't like the idea of having to hold Bruno's hand while travelling the world but agreed to the old knights request anyways. While she learned some powerful new techniques Bruno used some special alloys his father gave him to forge armor for himself and Dakotah. While making a traditional suit for himself he simply copied the style of Dakotah's old armor per her request. After completing his craftwork Dakotah tried on the new gear. It was much lighter and more comfortable than before but with a demonstration she could tell the metal was many times stronger than her old equipment.

Ready to tackle the world once more Dakotah set forth with Bruno in tow as her squire. Again Dakotah began building her fame with many adventures ahead of her.

To be continued with next pic
Next part meeting Viveka Yaotl
Adventures of Dakotah Jones 2 by TrueRageXRT
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